LWR 2014 Spring News

We haven’t updated our website for a while, but we are still around, pals!

The second half of 2013 turned out to be pretty busy for us.

First, we put out Desperate Times sophomore release called „New Course of Action”. 4 song 7″ that made its way to this world as Last Warning and Ratel colabo. DTs had bunch of shows around the release date in September 2013 with Bez Ziewania fest as a highlight. NYC crossover/early clevo  hc mixture of rough tunes recorded shortly after line up changes. Pressing info:100 x solid red,200 x black.

DESPERATE TIMES New Course of Action trailer

Soon after that we had been busy delivering you new stuff from Iron To Gold. „In The Zone” dropped in late October 2013 and this time around we had a pleasure to co-work with Anger Battery Records to make it happen. Straight edge hardcore packed in hard hitting, intense riffs – still Judge’sque but more brutal in times – think „Only The Strong” compilation. Or imagine Strife being actually a legit band. We did 150 pieces on metallic and 150 on transparent blue and most of them sold fast, so there are hardly any copies left. ITGz played some shows last fall – the great Unity Fest in Sweden, check the video here:UNITY FEST III
and weekender in Poland together with UK’s finest – Guidance. Good times!




So the new year is starting with the debut 7″ of our Eastern boys called INDICATION. It’s called „IX” and these dudes deliver some sinister and ugly blend of hardcore and metal. This pretty dark record is limited to 300 copies and available now. Don’t miss their ep teaser so you will know what to expect:

Indication XI teaser


Make sure to check our new bigcatrel store for all non-Polish order:


And now we have our YouTube channel where you can find all LWR related videos:


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